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Coupa Benchmark: Requisition to approval workflow times

Through the Coupa cloud platform, we track hundreds of metrics in order to help us continually improve our platform and help our customers be successful. The annual Coupa Benchmarkis designed to provide finance and procurement organizations with broad visibility and guidance by sharing data on some of these key performance indicators. It…Read blog post

4 ways to be sure your electronic invoices have your back

There are a lot of good reasons to move from paper invoice processing to electronic invoicing, such as faster turnaround times, greater visibility, improved control, and a lot less paper to handle and store. Those translate into improved supplier relationships and significant cost savings for most companies. Here’s…Read blog post

The Coupa Benchmark: A fitness tracker for finance and procurement

Finance and procurement organizations need ways to determine if their efforts to drive savings and increase efficiencies are successful. But, their visibility is usually limited to what’s happening in their own business. It’s like working out. Let’s say you’ve started running, and you’re doing a 15-minute mile and you're…Read blog post

How to get out of an abusive business relationship

Everyone, myself included, knows or has known someone stuck in a bad relationship. It was all roses for a while, but now things have gone beyond sour and the relationship is downright abusive. It makes you crazy because seems so obvious that the mistreated party should just walk away.…Read blog post

What makes a great mobile app? Simplicity.

When designing apps, it's tempting to want to include a laundry list of features that will please everyone. The most successful app developers have found that less is more. Overloading apps can lead to problems. Too many features tend to confuse and annoy users. With over 21 billion app downloads…Read blog post