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  • June 19, 2014
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  • Rob Bernshteyn
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  • CEO
Back in 2009, when I just raised my first round of venture capital for Coupa Software, sales got a big logo on the hook—a huge company whose cash in our coffers and logo on our website could have given our fledgling enterprise a big boost. They were looking for…Read blog post
Procurement Leaders Magazine is celebrating it's 50th issue. As part of that celebration, Editor Steve Hall has written a series of articles on how procurement can change the world. In this piece, he takes a look at the impact procurement has had, and can have on business. We have to…Read blog post
I walked into a 50,000-person company not too long ago to talk to them about some software for a business process transformation. When I started talking about software usability and end users, as I always do, and their feedback--straight up--was "We don't care about the end user."  …Read blog post
A punchout site is a connection from within your own catalog or procurement system to a supplier’s website. The punchout catalog is maintained by the supplier but integrated with the buyer’s procurement system and uses the negotiated pricing as well as any special offers or discounts. For buyers,…Read blog post
Here is a procurement best practice that sounds counterintuitive at first: giving all your employees access to all the suppliers you’ve done business with in the last 18 months. This goes against one of procurement's textbook strategies for optimizing spend, which is limiting the number of suppliers that can…Read blog post