Automate Tasks, Reduce Errors, and Accelerate Integrations with Coupa and DataMap

Lenny Lee
Lenny Lee
President at DataMap
Lenny is the President of DataMap and has two decades of leadership experience in the software industry, delivering best-in-class consulting services and award-winning technology. Lenny is passionate about ensuring customer and employee success.
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Automate Tasks, Reduce Errors, and Accelerate Integrations with Coupa and DataMap

Today's post is written by guest author Lenny Lee, President at DataMap. Lenny has two decades of leadership experience in the software industry, delivering best-in-class consulting services and award-winning technology. DataMap is a certified Coupa Implementation Partner and certified CoupaLink Technology Partner that helps Coupa customers maximize their Coupa value.

Business Spend Management (BSM) isn't static — companies are constantly looking for new ways to improve processes, reduce complexity, and ensure accuracy. 

The last two years, however, have driven BSM development into overdrive as enterprises found themselves in need of anytime, anywhere solutions that simplify key BSM processes without sacrificing accuracy. DataMap and Coupa make this possible. By pairing Coupa's industry-leading spend management platform with DataMap solutions, such as PO SmartView and Boomi by DataMap, businesses can ensure they're ready for whatever comes their way.

Adopt the best technology for Business Spend Management

According to recent survey data1, 36% of businesses plan to upgrade their spend management platforms in the next two years, and almost half have plans to enable digital invoice payments in the next three years. The challenge? Finding providers and solutions capable of addressing this new BSM and payments landscape without introducing new complexity. 

DataMap is prepared to help companies thrive in this evolving environment. As a technology and services company with more than a decade of experience in spend management, DataMap isn't just helping companies implement new solutions — they're constantly evolving what they do and how they do it to help companies optimize the way they spend money.

Consider the PO SmartView app and Boomi pre-built accelerators — both available in the Coupa App Marketplace. Used by companies worldwide, these apps automate tasks, reduce errors, and accelerate integrations using pre-built connectors as companies adopt new BSM platforms, in turn helping businesses stay prepared for the ever-changing business spend landscape.

Simplify the process of spend management implementation

DataMap and Coupa work well in tandem thanks to a set of shared values that prioritize customer success and streamline the process of solution implementation. This means helping customers navigate the new world of business spend management, e-procurement, accounts payable, and payments across three key areas:


Put simply: Data can be daunting. The sheer volume and variety of data now collected and used by businesses creates both opportunity and challenge — if companies can effectively leverage the data they have, they can drive business value. If not, they're left playing catch-up as the market passes them by.

DataMap’s approach to spend management in the cloud is captured in two words: Cloud. Simplified. Not only does the company show clients how to extract insights on their data, they also prescribe techniques and strategies to help them drive intelligent decisions. DataMap is focused on bringing more services to the market, and building discrete products that customers can consume in a frictionless approach. This is where Boomi by DataMap can accelerate integrations with Coupa.


Partnership with Coupa is part of this integrative effort: Access to tailored and targeted solutions in the Coupa App Marketplace makes it possible for customers to evolve their technology landscape without significant headaches, easily share information, and automate workflows to conduct key tasks.


Companies also need a way to expand on current efforts and keep pace with evolving market conditions. This means extending their current abilities without any additional effort or complexity. But simplicity, in theory, is one thing; in practice, it's something else entirely. 

That's why DataMap designs integrations are simple and streamlined — tools and add-ons that help companies further their capabilities. This approach is exemplified in PO SmartView

PO SmartView

Used across six continents and by tens of thousands of users, SmartView dynamically delivers receiving and invoicing data to users, and can seamlessly extend your stack with zero extra integration effort. In practice, this means DataMap apps are not only automating workflows and plugging in new capabilities but also giving users carefully curated data on the same screen as Coupa-delivered insights.


Agility is the new efficiency. But agility isn't just about shifting quickly in response to new events; it's about making sure that outcomes deliver increased value without introducing additional complexity. Put simply? Speed + doing it right = agility. By using the right solutions at the right time for the right task — and leaving the door open for ongoing improvement — companies can capitalize on agility to drive improved outcomes. 

Consider BSM. While Business Spend Management is part of operational strategies, it's also an opportunity to increase business efficiency by automating key tasks, streamlining invoice processing, and providing a data-driven view of what's happening across the organization. For DataMap and Coupa, this means combining capabilities to create solutions that both deliver value for current operations and set the stage for future success.

For example, DataMap helped a Tennessee based company develop a better procure-to-pay (P2P) process by focusing on the company’s end goal and providing direction on how to get the most out of their Coupa investment. (See the case study on how DataMap brought their ERP expertise and helped identify opportunities to improve processes, reduce errors, and empower self-service.) 

Enabling true customer success with spend management

For DataMap, continuous innovation is critical to disrupt the market and enable true customer success. In practice, this means more than simply implementing Coupa’s best-in-class BSM platform. It’s helping clients digitally transform the way they spend money as their core operational strategy, ensuring they are agile and prepared for the future. It's about creating products and providing services that drive repeatable and reliable value.

Coupa shares the same passion for customer success, making the Coupa App Marketplace and development platform the ideal complement to DataMap service delivery. The outcome? Together, DataMap and Coupa are enabling true success and ensuring customers are operationally fit by driving value, and doing it with authenticity and transparency.  

Set the stage for operational agility — discover PO SmartView and Boomi by DataMap on the Coupa App Marketplace.


1New Report Shows 36% of Businesses Plan to Upgrade Spend Management, Expense Controls,, 43 Sept 2021.