The Road to Resilience: Coupa CPO Michael van Keulen

Read time: 2 mins
Spendsetters: Road to Resilience

We recently unveiled our new series, Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience. The series explores the heroic efforts of the Business Spend Management community during this time of uncertainty. 

Today, we’re proud to introduce the next component of this series: interviews with prominent procurement and finance leaders from the BSM community. During these interviews, we asked our guests to share their experiences of leadership in these challenging times. What you’ll hear are honest answers about their boots-on-the-ground efforts to build resilience.

We’ve noted before that this crisis has put Business Spend Management in the spotlight. The stories you’ll hear are inspiring examples of how BSM leaders have stepped up to address the difficult challenges placed before them.

To set the stage, we thought we’d start off by asking our own CPO, Michael van Keulen, for his perspective on how the COVID-19 crisis has changed procurement and what it means for the future.

Check out his interview below:

We’ll be debuting more interviews with BSM leaders over the next several weeks, and we hope they will inspire you, inform you, and allow you to connect more with your peers. We’re all in this together, and if we truly connect as a community, then we’ll all grow safer, stronger, and smarter together too.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about building resilience, please visit our Resilience Hub for a three-part framework on how to get there.