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How do you respond to a crisis with resilience and agility? Chris DiOrio, VP of Strategic Sourcing/CPO of Staples, recently explained that his organization’s journey over the last several weeks has been filled with interesting and unique procurement challenges. From protecting workers, to dealing with demand spikes, to monitoring spend activity…Read blog post
As we continue down the Road to Resilience, we’ve heard stories of companies who have stepped up to provide value to society where it’s most needed. From arresting the spread of the disease, to developing test kits, to giving advice to businesses on how to stay resilient, many organizations are contributing…Read blog post
We recently unveiled our new series, Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience. The series explores the heroic efforts of the Business Spend Management community during this time of uncertainty.  Today, we’re proud to introduce the next component of this series: interviews with prominent procurement and finance leaders from the BSM…Read blog post
Last week, we introduced our Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience series, honoring the BSM community’s efforts to combat COVID-19 and its economic impact on many levels. We shared some inspiring examples of how the BSM community is working to arrest the spread of the virus by making PPE, tracking infections,…Read blog post
Every industry faces unique challenges in these uncertain times. For online retailers, ensuring customer orders are fulfilled while keeping the business running smoothly – and safely – is the top priority. Zalando, Europe’s largest online fashion retailer (and member of our global community of Spendsetters) is facing this challenge with a…Read blog post