The Top 5 Reasons Supply Chain Leaders Should Attend Coupa Inspire 2022

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Supply Chain Leaders Top 5 Reasons For Attending Inspire 2022

The Top 5 Reasons Supply Chain Leaders Should Attend Coupa Inspire 2022 

The past two years have been relentlessly challenging for supply chain leaders. It seems like just as we tamp down one disruption, another one pops up. Tack on the prolonged periods of isolation and other types of uncertainty we’ve all dealt with, and it might feel like as individuals we’re doing all we can, but it’s never quite enough. 

If you’re a supply chain professional and you’ve felt this way in the past couple of years, you’re not alone. The supply chain challenges we face today are at a scale far greater than what we’ve encountered in the past. Which means we can’t each bear the burden alone. It’s going to take a village. 

This is where the power of community comes in. Whenever we have opportunities to come together, discuss, and take action to solve complex challenges, we should take advantage of them. We can achieve more together than any of us can individually. 

Inspire: Uniting Beyond an Ordinary Supply Chain Conference

Coupa Inspire is one of these invaluable opportunities to come together. It’s more than a conference — it’s a chance for supply chain leaders and other experts across procurement, finance, and IT to talk about real challenges and solutions, share game-changing ideas, and cooperate to build more resilient and responsible supply chains. 

You have two opportunities to join the Coupa Community this spring: in Las Vegas from April 4-7, or in Berlin from 16-18 of May. Learn more. 

Five reasons why you should attend Coupa Inspire 2022: 

  1. Make engaging connections that will last well beyond the conference. The Coupa Community is one-of-a-kind. In the supply chain track, one much-needed bit of catharsis we have planned is a version of supply chain “group therapy,” where you’ll dive into honest challenges and solutions with your peers, enrich your connections across various industries, and grow your career. When we said you’re not alone in your challenges, we meant it! You’ll not only get to reinforce connections with people you know and haven’t seen in years, but you’ll also get to establish new, rewarding connections and discover new insights and opportunities for growth.
  2. Learn with and from the best. We call it “Inspire” for a reason. You’ll hear how industry leaders are thinking about today’s and tomorrow’s trends, challenges, and opportunities. This year’s Americas event features supply chain industry leaders from Cisco, General Mills, General Motors, Grupo Bimbo, Ipiranga, Nestlé, PriceSmart, Walmart, and more. At our EMEA event, we’ll hear from leaders from Ikea, Beiersdorf, GSK, Saint-Gobain, Nestlé, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and others. We’ll explore what it takes to enable a digital twin of your supply chain, dynamically turn your designs into reality, and establish and grow centers of excellence, all while bolstering resilience. View the full agenda for more information. 
  3. Gain practical, actionable support and training. Along with incredible thought leadership and peer insights, you’ll get to start taking action with Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning service and support representatives. This is a unique opportunity to engage in an energizing two-way exchange and learn from product experts who have supported hundreds of other customers. These direct support opportunities will also be combined with other training sessions to make sure your organization is getting the most out of our supply chain and Business Spend Management tools.  
  4. Be at the forefront of supply chain design and planning. Coupa’s acquisition of Llamasoft a year and a half ago allowed for even more innovation in cloud-enabled, AI-powered modeling. A world where continuous disruption has become the norm means we need continuous design to optimize supply chains. The supply chain track at Coupa Inspire 2022 will equip you with the insights you need to stay agile, drive greater business value, and manage future disruptions. For our community members who joined us through Llamasoft, you’ll walk away knowing your success is our top priority. 
  5. Have fun! Beyond the fun we’ll have nerding out on all things supply chain and Business Spend Management, we also have a great evening of entertainment planned! In the Americas, we’ll host our Coupa Block Party, featuring En Vogue, Skip Martin, and the Sugar Hill Gang. At our EMEA event, we can’t wait to host another special community celebration for attendees. 

Whether you’re desperate to get back to in-person events or still feeling uncertain about them, we can assure you we’re taking health and safety seriously. Please read more about our approach to health and safety here. Should you choose to join us, we’ll be thrilled to see you. We can’t wait to tackle supply chain challenges together and have some much-deserved fun while we’re at it! 

So what are you waiting for? Register now for Coupa Inspire Americas 2022

Can’t make it for our event in the Americas? Join us in Berlin in May