Unrelenting Supply Chain Disruptions Spur Supply Chain, Procurement, and Finance to Band Together

Stephanie Buck
Stephanie Buck
Content Marketing & Storytelling Manager, Coupa

Stephanie is passionate about storytelling and helping leaders, businesses, and organizations transform the way they connect with their customers, prospects, and others. At Coupa, she leads storytelling and content production efforts for supply chain. She brings over a decade of experience supporting marketing and communications with impact-oriented enterprises and mission-driven organizations. She earned her Master's degree from the London School of Economics and her Bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University. She grew up in the Chicago area, but currently calls Washington, D.C. home.

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Unrelenting Supply Chain Disruptions Spur Supply Chain, Procurement, and Finance to Band Together

What does it take to build and maintain a resilient supply chain in today’s business environment?

When was the last time you remember supply chain disruptions not making top-tier news? From the start of the pandemic in 2020 through now, supply chains have stayed at the top of everyone’s mind, though not for the reasons anyone would like. Why haven’t companies figured out the answer yet? And how can we fix things now and in the long run? 

Dr. Madhav Durbha offers a unique perspective on how businesses need to re-think the way they approach resilience and sustainability, and why these issues won’t be resolved if supply chain organizations are left to fend for themselves. 

What happens when supply chain, procurement, and finance unite

It’s great to talk about resilient and sustainable supply chains, but what do they look like in practice? And how do you achieve those goals? 

The costs of doing nothing are high, but the right processes and technology can help break down barriers and divides between teams and organizations. 

Coupa’s new eBook, Threading the Supply Chain Needle, details how when supply chain, procurement, and finance work together, they can make smarter, faster decisions to reduce risk and achieve profitability and sustainability goals.

Download the eBook now and learn how you can make your supply chain more resilient and sustainable.