Coupa Celebrates Partner Ecosystem with Second Annual Coupa Partner Connect Awards

Roger Goulart
Roger Goulart
EVP, Business Development and Alliances, Coupa Software

Roger Goulart, EVP of Business Development and Alliances, is responsible for extending Coupa Software’s value through partnerships with technology and distribution partners. He brings more than twenty years of sales, alliance, business development, support and professional services management experience to Coupa.

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Coupa Celebrates Partner Ecosystem with Second Annual Coupa Partner Connect Awards

At Coupa, we’re building a best-of-breed ecosystem of partners that offers a wide range of services, training, and customized solutions to extend the power of our Business Spend Management (BSM) platform. We believe Coupa partners are core to our success and more importantly, to our customers' success. That’s why we’re honoring them with our annual Coupa Partner Connect Awards.

The selection process won’t be easy. We have many partners that go above and beyond, but those selected will have demonstrated Coupa’s core values and a deep commitment to innovation, growth, and customer success in the year 2022. The winners will be announced at this year’s Inspire Americas in Las Vegas and Inspire Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in London.

Submit your nomination for Coupa’s annual Partner Connect Awards

We invite our partners to submit their nominations for any of the following categories:

Helping customers reach new heights: Partner Connect Ensure Customer Success Award

We recognize one partner that demonstrated delivery excellence — not only delivering successful Coupa implementations for a significant number of Coupa customers but also aligning their implementation methodology and post-production management services to Coupa Services' best practices, focusing on driving measurable business value for our shared customers.

Hitting even the most difficult goals: Partner Connect Focus on Results Award

We recognize one partner that went above and beyond to align with Coupa Alliances, Sales, and Services on joint go-to-market and business development executions — building deep relationships with our shared customers and prospects to create a new vision around BSM transformation.

Leading through action: Partner Connect Strive for Excellence Award

We recognize one partner that delivered significant innovation and expansion through their Coupa practice — deepening their expertise broadly across the entire Coupa suite, and establishing themselves as a leader on a number of Coupa's Power Applications.

Reimagining the payment process: Partner Connect Award for the Coupa Pay Program

We recognize one partner that made a large impact by collaborating with Coupa and Coupa's customers to drive payment and/or virtual card and/or supply chain adoption — guiding clients, assisting in supplier enablement, and providing potential customer leads to Coupa.

Empowering others through tech: Partner Connect Award for the CoupaLink Program

We recognize one innovative partner that built an app on the Coupa platform — working with the CoupaLink team to develop a solution that addressed customer needs. This partner is listed in the Coupa App Marketplace.

Coupa selected categories

Partners will not be able to nominate themselves for the following categories. The winners will be selected solely by Coupa.

Supplying customer success: Partner Connect Award for the Coupa Advantage Program

We recognize one supplier that worked closely with us to activate multiple common and available spend categories — helping customers create tail spend value, increase volume spend, and uncover maximum savings opportunities.

The BSM leader of tomorrow: Partner Connect Spartan Award

We recognize one rising star within the Coupa partner ecosystem — one whose perseverance, demonstration of Coupa’s core values, and commitment to collaboration are unmatched.

Tips on submitting your nomination

  1. Select a category in which you have proven excellence and submit your nomination here. (Please be aware, you may submit to multiple categories.) 
  2. Be clear in your submission overview and focus on these elements: innovation, customer success, impacted ACV, referrals, training, etc. Please include quantifiable results if you can — this will help with our evaluation.
  3. Submissions will be reviewed and scored based on criteria inspired by Coupa’s core values.

Submissions are due Friday, March 3 for North America and Friday, March 31 for EMEA. Winners for each category will be announced and recognized at Partner Day at Coupa Inspire Americas (Tuesday, April 11) and EMEA (Monday, June 19).

Partner Program value continues to deepen

The Coupa Partner Connect Program is a global ecosystem of system integrators, technology partners, management consulting partners, bank, finance and payment partners, and suppliers. The goal is to make it easy for customers to implement and integrate Coupa with their systems and tools, accelerate time-to-value, and achieve greater savings. Every customer has access to the partner ecosystem.

For Coupa’s partners, the Partner Connect Program offers the opportunity to reach new sales goals, develop BSM expertise, and leverage marketing for joint campaigns.

I am honored to be working with such talented partners and look forward to celebrating the winners at Inspire this year.

Submit your nomination by Friday, March 3 for North America and Friday, March 31 for EMEA. Winners for each category will be announced and recognized at Partner Day at Coupa Inspire Americas (Tuesday, April 11) and EMEA (Monday, June 19).

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