New Productivity-Boosting Feature: Guided Experiences

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New Productivity-Boosting Feature: Guided Experiences

In early January 2023, Coupa released a new Guided Experience for requests and purchases on the homepage of our Business Spend Management (BSM) platform. It helps users quickly find what they’re looking for and provides an intuitive approach to getting things done within Coupa.

Why it matters

Whether you’re an office manager at a small company or the head of procurement at a large firm, the capability streamlines requests, saves time, reduces errors, and improves company-wide compliance. Admins will welcome the out-of-the-box capabilities, too. While no upfront setup is required, they’ll have the ability to customize and configure the experience based on end-user needs.

Here’s how it works

From the Coupa homepage on your desktop, the new Guided Experience button appears next to the search bar.

Not sure? Let us guide you to start the experience. Here are some key features:

  • It’s personalized for users. Users have the option to Select a previous request, where they’re shown commodities and actions based on their previous behavior, such as requesting a new vendor, buying software, or securing a virtual card.  
  • It’s customizable for admins. This includes favoriting frequently used forms or commodities as main screen options, pre-configuring suggested company-approved suppliers, and much more. 
  • It’s designed to learn as it goes. Based on previous products requested, the system automatically pulls up catalog options and redirects the user directly to the product page. The feature also pre-populates form fields based on the user's preliminary responses.

See it in action

This new feature is available to all Coupa customers. If you’re ready to test it out, contact your Customer Value Manager (CVM) for more information. Or if you’re looking to join the Coupa community and transform Business Spend Management, request a demo below.

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