Top 10 Coupa Spend Management Articles of 2015

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2015 was a great year! We heard from a lot of different voices on the Coupa blog talking about all aspects of spend management and how to get real value from your investment in systems and programs. We ran the numbers to see which articles were most clicked, shared and loved by you, our readers, and pulled out our top 10 to share with you again – just in case you missed one or two. Here they are:

1. It’s the end of the user interface as we know it

What if the user interface could just disappear, and processes could happen without the user having to interact with the machine at all? Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn says that, in the future, smarter software systems will perform more and more rote tasks without human intervention. People will become exception handlers, freeing up their time for higher order contributions.

2. TCO guy buys a Tesla

Calculating total cost of ownership is hard for most of us, not because of the math, but because two natural human tendencies get in the way. Amit Duvedi, vice president of business strategy value management for Coupa, uses his recent purchase of a Tesla to illustrate how to overcome these tendencies and calculate TCO for enterprise software like a pro.

3. Raja Hammoud: Driving the real math of success

Raja has been Coupa’s vice president of product management for three and a half years, growing the team from a handful of people and expanding the suite from the initial procurement product to a unified spend management suite. In an in-depth interview, Raja shares her thoughts on innovation, consumerizing the enterprise software space, and how developing in the cloud is different.

4. 8 Key performance indicators for accounts payable

Accounts Payable is one of the last places within companies where paper processing is still the rule rather than the exception. One of the biggest hurdles to automating is the belief that current processes are working fine. Here are eight KPIs any AP organization can use to determine their effectiveness.

5. Is sequential invoice processing costing you millions?

If your AP department is processing invoices in the order they come in, you're operating under the assumption that every invoice is equally important to your company. That's simply not the case, says Donna Wilczek, vice president of product management at Coupa. Invoices with early payment discount offers associated with them are exponentially more important to your company. The savings could add up to millions.

6. 9 Steps to a killer reverse auction

As Coupa’s resident sourcing expert and the product manager for Coupa Sourcing, Andy Chiang has been working with customers to save big money through reverse auctions. Andy is a firm believer that almost anyone can run a reverse auction—if you have the right tools and follow his nine best practices.

7. 9 reasons why CFOs are modernizing ERP

According to a January 2014 Gartner study, Adoption of Cloud ERP, 2013-2023, 47% of companies plan to move their core ERP systems into the cloud by 2018. John Hoebler, a SaaS strategic systems advisor at Cross Country Consulting, a Coupa implementation partner, details the nine compelling reasons why more and more CFOs are thinking cloud.

8. The 7 traits of top procurement professionals

Procurement is growing in responsibility and stature within the organization, but top talent is in short supply. How do you spot talent? Procurement professional and author Bruno Alvarez shares the traits that the best procurement people have in common.

9. New solutions let SMEs reap the benefits of purchase to pay automation

Many small to medium-sized enterprises concluded a long time ago that financial process automation wouldn’t work for them. Thanks to a new generation of cloud solutions, that’s no longer true. PayStream advisors offers a roadmap to P2P automation for SMEs.

10. Analysts: Procurement regrouping today, ascending tomorrow

We love analysts! Who else is better positioned to survey the landscape and report back on emerging trends in procurement? Our analyst panel from Coupa Inspire sees procurement in a period of repositioning, from tactical to strategic, and rising to new heights with the support of a new generation of technology.