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The Coupa Top 5: Separating the leaders from the followers


What separates the leaders from the followers? IBM's new procurement study calls out some specifics in words and pictures that have been part of the conversation on social channels in the past few weeks. What else separates leaders from the followers? They share their knowledge with others, this week in particular helping demystify the cloud and calling out supply chain challenges to watch out for. And, they think differently, as evidenced by PYMNTS interview with Karla Friede, CEO of B2B payments startup and Coupa partner NVoice Pay.


Coupa 1New study separates the world’s procurement leaders from the followers -

As Kanye West said, “There’s leaders, and there’s followers,” and . . .  well, in the interest of propriety we’ll spare you the next line. But the opening line is just as true for procurement professionals as it is for entertainment supervillains, if you believe the results of IBM’s second in a series of procurement studies. IBM’s Institute for Business Value surveyed more than 1,000 CPOs around the world and found the qualities shared by top-performers - and the underachievers. Check it out to see where you, or your CPO ranks.


Coupa 2The anatomy of a procurement role model - IBM

If picture books are your thing, you’ll love IBM’s infographic treatment of its 2014 CPO study. Does your CPO have the killer eyes to scope the big picture, or the sharp ears to listen and adapt? What about the iron stomach for the risks and pitfalls of the modern procurement landscape?



Coupa 3How to choose the right cloud services - Inc

Today’s market is saturated with different types of cloud services. Cloud software has been around for more than two decades, yet we still use only one word - “cloud” - as an umbrella term (sorry, bad pun) for all SaaS models. In reality, cloud comes in many varieties. Understanding your options is half the battle.  Tony DiBenedetto walks you through private, public and hybrid clouds, and how to decide which one is right for you.


Coupa 4Six challenges that could break the supply chain - Supply Chain

We don’t have to tell you that the supply chain landscape has changed radically over the past twenty years. Advances in communications alone have revolutionized the sector. But what lies ahead? Sam Jermy picks out six challenges that will make or break supply chain models down the road.


Coupa 5Making business payments smart -

Paying suppliers on time is good for relationships, and early is even better when dynamic discounting is available. But how can your company apply its usual strategic rigor to a process seemingly as straightforward as paying the bills? NVoicepay CEO Karla Friede has an idea, and it starts with forgetting what you think you know about electronic payments. Death to the status quo!