Transform Intercompany Trade with Multilateral Netting (Infographic)

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Legacy tools yield legacy results

Too many international companies are manually reconciling and netting intercompany invoices. These companies may lack a clear and structured workflow for this process, leading to a host of potential risks and issues along the way including:
High volume of intercompany transactions
Too many invoice and expense disputes
Shadow bookkeeping
Lost productivity
High bank fees and fx costs

According to a recent Deloitte poll of finance professionals, reconciliation is the biggest intercompany hurdle. With only 9.2% of finance professionals saying their organization has a holistic, efficient, and clear intercompany reconciliation process, there is a clear need for a solution.

When asked what poses the greatest challenge to the implementation of intercompany accounting:
21.4% of participants claim disparate software systems are their biggest challenge
16.8% claim intercompany settlement
16.7% said complex intercompany agreements
13.3% said transfer pricing compliance
9.4% said FX exposure

Introducing Multilateral Netting 

With our centralized Multilateral Netting, companies can boost profit and productivity by gaining global visibility and control, automating processes, settling disputes locally, and reconciling and netting transactions seamlessly.

Average Coupa Treasury clients savings with Multilateral Netting:
2 days of work per month
$250,000 to $1,000,000 on an annual basis from banking and FX fees

Average industry savings figures:
15% year over year growth
50% labor cost reduction
€13 saved per invoice through automation
1hr of labor saved per day

Multilateral Netting (Infographic)

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