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UCSB Davidson Library Simplifies Purchasing with Coupa


The UC Santa Barbara Library serves the students, faculty, and staff of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara community. As a member of the Association of Research Libraries and of the University of California System, the Library strives to provide top-quality scholarly collections, research assistance, and other essential services to support the mission of the University.

The Davidson Library implemented Coupa to relieve some of the burden from the university’s central purchasing apparatus and eliminate the corresponding delays in placing and receiving the library’s orders.


With Coupa, the Davidson Library now has easy to use shopping tools for employees to create and place orders:

  • Library employees are able to use iRequest and PunchOut tools to shop directly with suppliers
  • Items available in campus central store are easily accessible to shop from via internal catalogs
  • Use Coupa’s invoice matching capabilities to ensure the correctness of vendor bills before they are paid by campus AP
  • Management able to track budgets on fiscal year basis. Key feature in the current time when university is short in funding resources
  • Use item tags to make it easy for users to find what they need

According to Vessela Jivkova, Business Manager at UCSB, “Coupa is very user friendly which was key to get our library employees adopted on an electronic system. Different shopping methods provide an easy way for users to find what they need. On the management side, we now have visibility into our spend and be able to track and monitor that spend in our fiscal year budgets.”


Go Live Metrics
Implementation Hours: 16
From Contract Start to Go Live: 54 days