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Become a Coupa Advantage Supplier

Serious Value

Coupa Advantage is a trusted advisor to our customers. As a Coupa Advantage supplier, our customers view you with that same trust. Your company becomes recommended to hundreds of global companies. To see all of the suppliers and categories available, go to


Drive revenue from new business as well as existing customers


Decrease in customer acquisition costs due to accelerated sales cycles


Increase loyalty as customers consolidate vendors and drive more business to your company


Coupa Advantage donates a portion of every dollar customers spend with Advantage supplies to global charities

Savings with a Purpose

Coupa Advantage impacts your bottom line, but we also impacts communities around the world. We take a percentage of every dollar spent, and donate it to non-profits around the world. Find out where our donations go, and how we fund Coupa Cares programs.

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By working together, we’re able to grow your business and and decrease your acquisition costs, all while providing value to our mutual customers.

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