Accelerite Coupa Connector

Coupa Link Certified



Accelerite ShareInsights is an end-to-end, self-service analytics tool that delivers everything that the data analyst needs to get sharp insights into total enterprise spend. With ShareInsights, data analysts can seamlessly perform all analytics operations from data preparation and OLAP to visualization and collaboration under a single roof. ShareInsights enables enterprises to gather cross-functional insights by integrating datasets from multiple systems such as procurement, expense management, payroll, CRM, ERP, and more. Learn more.


ShareInsights helps enterprises bring together pockets of spend data residing on disparate systems, including Coupa’s expense management platform, so that they get complete visibility across all transactions. Customers can easily drill down and analyse individual transactions across procurement, invoicing, expenses, contracts, and more to get a comprehensive view of their total spend and make better decisions to lower costs.

With this solution, enterprises will be able to

  • Let users connect to and combine the right transaction data from the right source using simple drag-and-drop controls
  • Visualize spend data on the fly using interactive dashboards
  • Capitalize on advanced analytics to detect and prevent fraud, manage tail spend, manage compliance, get insights into future spending, and more
  • Collaborate seamlessly by publishing interactive spend management dashboards and insights


Simple drag-and-drop designer for generating spend insights faster

Ability to leverage multiple data sources in any format

Reusable datasets, pipelines, and dashboards for better collaboration

Support for advanced analytics, including machine learning and predictive analytics