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Apptio (NASDAQ: APTI) is the business management system of record for hybrid IT. We transform the way IT runs its business and makes decisions. With our cloud-based applications, IT leaders manage, plan and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and cloud. With Apptio, IT leaders become strategic partners to the business by demonstrating the value of IT investments, accelerate innovation and shift their technology investments from running the business to digital innovation. Hundreds of customers choose Apptio as their business system of record for hybrid IT.


Apptio integrates through CoupaLink to tie its industry-standard IT cost model (ATUM®) into the Coupa BSM Platform and provide a framework to accurately categorize and assign technology spend. When new purchase orders are entered into Coupa, users categorize them against Apptio’s IT costing taxonomy. Later, when Apptio ingests the General Ledger entries covering the PO spend, the categorization is used to automatically route the spend through the IT cost model. This reduces IT Finance effort to categorize spend each month, and it surfaces technology spend occurring outside of IT’s cost centers that otherwise might go ungoverned.

With visibility into all technology spend across the enterprise, Finance and IT leaders can make informed decisions about where more oversight is needed and when spend should be incorporated into IT Finance’s calculation of total cost of ownership (TCO).

Key Benefits

  • Accurately classify technology spend from inception, instead after the fact
  • Gain a more detailed view of IT spend compared to the General Ledger
  • Surface ungoverned technology spend across all cost centers and departments
  • Automate budgeting and forecasting of technology spend
  • Automate reporting on actuals vs plan for technology spend


Apptio currently serves 50%+ of Fortune100