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DataMap is a technology and services company focused on helping customers maximize their investment in cloud systems. The team at DataMap has delivered over 100 successful P2P, Sourcing, SIM, CLM, Coupa Pay, Expense Management, Supplier Enablement, and Inventory Management projects with a 100% customer success rate. As a proven leader in implementations, integrations, enhancements, and production support for many Coupa customers, we have gained unique insights into extending Coupa’s platform and increasing productivity by further simplifying and streamlining the user experience.

DataMap’s Cloud Robotics Platform (CRP) apps provide customers with affordable, custom solutions which solve legitimate business problems. These solutions further Coupa customers’ success by expanding platform functionality. DataMap connected apps unlock the potential of independent technologies working in conjunction with Coupa to add quantifiable value for customers. DataMap provides cloud hosting of these custom power apps, saving precious customer resources, accelerating spend management projects, lowering cost of ownership, and ensuring quality solutions to quickly realize ROI.


PO SmartView is a free add-on to the Coupa Home Page. Powered by DataMap's Cloud Robotics Platform (CRP), the PO SmartView app summarizes each Requester’s open PO lines and provides quick links in a simple summary page. Finance and Accounting departments will quickly realize the value of PO SmartView as the receiving process is further automated, and it becomes no longer necessary to chase down PO owners to enter month-end receipts.

Once enabled, the user’s DataMap PO SmartView panel app is presented on the user’s Coupa home page.

The panel app, displayed below the Home Page Content on the user’s Coupa home page, includes an itemization of PO Lines currently pending receipt or pending invoicing to be addressed by that particular user. The fields include:

  • PO Number
  • Line
  • Supplier
  • Items
  • Line Total
  • Approved Invoices
  • Left to Receive
  • Pending Invoices
  • Match Level

Left to Receive is a calculated field which displays either quantities & unit prices, or amounts, dependent upon PO Line Type. Personalized links within the PO SmartView direct users to their open POs, to specific requisition lines to create receipts, or to invoices referencing specific PO Lines which are pending action.

To enable the PO SmartView panel app, have your company admin complete the following steps:

  1. Visit your company’s Coupa instance.
  2. Navigate to Community > Collaboration > Community Exchange.
  3. Search for ‘PO SmartView’.
  4. Click Enable.


  • Simple listing of your PO lines where some action is needed.
  • Automatically filters out your PO lines where no action is needed.
  • Provides quick links for receiving your PO lines.
  • Provides quick links to invoices related to your POs for easy search.