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PeopleTicker is a market leading compensation software company based in Delray Beach, FL. Formed in 1998, the company started as a rate benchmarking service integrated within an MSP/VMS solution. In 2014, The PeopleTicker was spun-off as a private, vendor neutral product supporting a variety of industry leading companies around the world.


Our software provides real-time labor rate information and includes hundreds of thousands of contingent and direct hire jobs. Leveraging data from nearly 160 countries we utilize a “data as a service model” which is available to clients on a subscription basis. The subscription includes job library standardization, mapping to PeopleTicker’s global taxonomy, market rate comparisons and spend analytics.

The combination of machine learning and recruitment expertise separates PeopleTicker from many of the other solutions in the marketplace. As a unique differentiator, PeopleTickers Skills Village community ensures every rate card is validated through the lens of an experienced recruitment professional who ensures accuracy by industry and location.

The software is offered to end user clients and can be integrated into a variety of 3rd party applications including Applicant Tracking, Workforce Analytics, VMS/MSP, RPO, and HCM applications.


  • More than 500,000 contingent and direct hire job titles
  • Support for a variety industry sectors
  • Rate structures for more than 100 countries
  • Community of more than 500 recruitment and supply chain professionals located around the world
  • User’s experiences a savings of $5/per rate on average