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Smart software for managing on-demand talent

With an on-demand workforce powered by Talon, you’re ready to push the limits of what’s possible. Any project. Any requirements. Anything’s possible.

Talon is a on-demand workforce management system for organisations to control costs, reduce the risks and maximize the value of their direct sourcing, freelance, consultancy & private talent pools.

Our cloud-based platform enables companies to increase the efficiency of their extended workforce and gain full visibility of their direct, on-demand workforce channels. Talon integrates seamlessly with Coupa CCW to bring all of your contingent workforce channels under control with one central point of truth.

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Talon enables an organisation to source on-demand talent directly through channel-agnostic acquisition, and manage onboarding, compliance and the full engagement process through a simple, intuitive cloud-based platform.

Where an organisation is managing their contingent workforce program via Coupa CCW, Talon can be utilized to enhance the process by providing efficient curation of the specific workforce channels that we cover in a seamless end-to-end process.

Talon allows you to:

  • Simplify the hiring and selection process - The streamlined project application process reduces the time to hire to minutes. Applications are sent in real time to your inbox and saved in your account so you can access them easily.
  • Applicant Funnel Visualization - Quickly assess your application funnel for any project requirement. See exactly where effort is required: attracting new talent, onboarding, or engaging applicants.
  • Clean, intuitive project workspace - Manage your on-demand talent via our secure and simple communication system, making it easier to keep communication and files in sync with your project.
Coupa Link Certified