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Your contract management system helps your customers manage the contract lifecycle from creation through final contract execution. The next step is to make these contracts available in the procurement system. You can easily integrate your contract management system with Coupa using Coupa’s open API platform. The integrated solution will ensure that your customers realize cost savings with proactive contract management and contract enforcement at the time of purchase, and that they get the discounts they negotiated. It will also allow your customers to analyze spend data from Coupa and identify opportunities to bring more spend under contract.


You can use either Coupa REST API or Coupa flat file integrations to move newly created contracts or updated contracts (including deactivations) from your contract management system into Coupa. If your contract management system supports sourcing, you may also move the associated supplier items into Coupa using REST API or flat files.

Design the Solution

Supplier synchronization

You should make sure that supplier data is synchronized between your contract management system and Coupa. The client ERP system is the source of truth for supplier data. You have two options when it comes to supplier synchronization:

  1. The ERP system sends supplier data to both Coupa and the contract management system.
  2. The ERP system sends supplier data to Coupa and Coupa sends supplier data to the contract management system.

The ERP supplier ID that’s stored in the Supplier Number field in Coupa will be used as the key for the supplier record shared between all three systems: the client ERP, Coupa, and your contract management system.

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For complete instructions on how to build this solution, please download the Contract Solution guide.



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