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Supply Chain Partner is a niche business-spend-management consulting company. We specialize in automating heavy asset-intensive, complex procurement processes. SCP solves procurement challenges by automating and integrating disparate systems and processes and turning them into a strategic business advantage. Our team of consultants work across sectors in North America, EMEA, APAC and Africa as we help people in companies transform the way they source goods and services.

With Coupa-, Ariba-, Concur-, NetSuite-, JiVS-, Boomi- and Azure-certified consultants, we empower both people and processes: we help organisations to simplify their processes through automation, drive strategic value, transfer knowledge, realise tangible savings and achieve compliance and transparency in their P2P process.


South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act requires companies to report on their procurement spend with suppliers based on the supplier’s BEE score. This process requires procurement departments to gather all their supplier’s BEE certificates and capture the information, and also report on their company’s spending. This report takes the form of a preferential procurement scorecard.

Managing BEE certificates and the data is admin intensive, time consuming and an additional burden on supplier managers and procurement staff. To annually generate the procurement scorecard takes a significant amount of effort. The requirement for tracking BEE data in Coupa uses approximately eight custom fields on the supplier and SIM records, which limits any other use.

Supply Chain Partner has developed two panel apps and an iframe app.


Supplier Squirrel Scorecard Panel Application

The Supplier Squirrel Scorecard panel app is displayed on the Coupa Supplier page. This panel app displays supplier BEE information.



Supplier Squirrel Spend Panel Application

The Supplier Squirrel Spend panel app is displayed on the Coupa Supplier page. This panel app shows a company’s YTD supplier scorecard for spend with all suppliers from all sources. The scorecard combines BEE ratings and total spend per suppliers.



Diversity Scorecard Iframe Application

The Diversity Scorecard iframe app displays a company-wide scorecard.



  • Visibility of 100% of your spend data, including spend outside Coupa.
  • Total supplier spend visibility for each supplier, including historic spend before you deployed Coupa.
  • Access to your suppliers’ diversity data directly in the supplier record.
  • Automated supplier diversity scorecard – created at a frequency that suits your business.


  • Easy deployment for supplier diversity data
  • Custom-built diversity scorecards
  • Custom-built spend reports.