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The SupplyShift platform provides actionable insights via supply chain transparency and continuous improvement in sustainable business practices. Founded in 2013 by two PhDs in Environmental Science, SupplyShift was built to help companies understand who is in their supply chain and what each supplier is doing to be environmentally and socially responsible. With those insights, companies can collaborate with suppliers at every tier and maximize the positive impact their business has on our planet and its people.


SupplyShift is a cloud-based responsible sourcing platform that helps businesses trace, assess, and improve supplier sustainability performance at any level of the supply chain.

SupplyShift enables companies to access supplier sustainability data across a range of standard and custom-built assessments, allowing companies to right-size an approach that addresses the exact priorities of their business.

Through a suite of purpose-built tools like supplier mapping, engagement, analytics/dashboards, scoring, and benchmarking, SupplyShift gives companies the actionable insights they need to engage suppliers on sustainability topics and elevate ESG metrics as criteria for purchasing.

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SupplyShift SupplyShift SupplyShift


  • Largest supplier data network on key sustainability topics
  • Supplier sustainability assessments (company, site, and product level)
  • Multi-tier assessment capabilities
  • Supply chain mapping – geographic and relational
  • Audit/validation integration
  • Supplier benchmarking and publishing back to suppliers
  • Supplier analytics and dashboards
  • Offline-data collection (mobile app)


SupplyShift has over 80,000 entities exchanging data on its platform, with over 7 million answers provided from suppliers around the world on the most pressing sustainability topics. The SupplyShift system has been translated into 15 languages so far and has supplier accounts in over 130 countries.