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Accenture is a global leader in transforming Sourcing and Procurement from a business function to a profitability driver by offering world class end-to-end services that address any aspect of Sourcing & Procurement—from strategy, organization, people, processes, content and technology. As trusted advisors and implementers, we help our clients create forensic visibility to nonworking money and “close the loop” through procurement transformation and outsourcing to realize SG&A reduction.

New business models and a constantly revolutionizing procurement industry create new opportunities for Accenture to partner with Coupa to offer niche but mission critical applications:

  • We propose an exclusive library of dedicated Core Categories applications that enable quick and effective Coupa platform customization to address individual client needs.
  • These applications are aimed at enhancing the clients’ decision-making process as they significantly expand, specialize, and diversify Coupa’s native functionality—all while enabling a user experience that is fully transparent and embedded within the Coupa core solution.
  • Using the framework and tools provided by Coupa under the CoupaLink portal, we ensure user experience conformance of the applications and their seamless upgradability.



The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often the primary repository that holds key vendor master data, particularly Remittance Information. Due to the complex technical architecture between Coupa and ERP, remittance information is a key element of the vendor information that may not be included on the ERP-to-Coupa interface.

Accenture’s panel app solution allows users to view in Coupa, real-time remittance information stored in the ERP vendor record. This is especially useful in cases where there are multiple vendor records with similar names but different remittance information. Our solution encompasses an ERP program to pass the vendor data to a middleware API that is accessed by the Coupa Panel App on-demand.

Key Advantages:

  • End user can validate that the correct supplier record is chosen when raising a purchase request
  • Accounts Payable (AP) user can validate that the correct supplier record is chosen with backing
  • Remittance information when submitting an invoice
  • Prevents need to build out Coupa integration and downstream design for remittance object