Digital Invoice


DigitalInvoice™ by The Shelby Group is an end-to-end solution that allows you to go “full digital” with all of your supplier invoices on day one. Unlike other invoice digitization solutions, DigitalInvoice provides these unique capabilities:

  • All invoices are processed in Coupa. No more need to have two systems for remediating invoices.
  • Invoices needing remediation are routed to the appropriate Group in Coupa. No need to determine “who clears which invoices.” DigitalInvoice uses your business rules to place invoices in appropriate queues.
  • DigitalInvoice’s MetaMatch feature allows for automated approvals of “close enough” invoices based on custom business rules. Our clients see as much as 10% of invoices automatically approved.


Key Features:

DigitalInvoice Processing Center

  • All types of non-digital invoices accepted (paper, email, PDF, image, fax and handwritten)
  • All invoices & data collected without manual work from the client - paper invoices mailed to a designated PO box, email invoices sent to a designated email address
  • Combination of OCR & human review on all invoices to ensure an accuracy rate of 99.5% on critical fields
  • All invoices loaded to Coupa in 48 hours or less from receipt
  • Over 2 million invoices (including paper and digital files) processed daily
  • 100% line-level detail captured on every invoice to provide in depth spend analysis

MetaMatch™ Exception Handling Automation System

  • MetaMatch’s Business Rules Engine automates the approval of complex exception invoices such as PO-based problems
  • Real-time tracking counts the number of each exception encountered – providing insight into common invoice errors

DigitalInvoice’s Proprietary ChangeMe™ Exception Handling Process

  • As with many solutions, complete/verified invoices automatically route through to Coupa for approval without any manual intervention
  • However, with DigitalInvoice, exception invoices (non-PO backed, incomplete) are systematically routed to Coupa as well. Those invoices are then guided to appropriate work queues for remediation via Shelby’s proprietary process and the client’s business rules


50-70% decrease in operational costs

All employees work within Coupa – no secondary system needed

“Close enough” exception invoices are approved with no human intervention. Some clients have seen as much as 24% of their exception invoices automatically approved “touch free”

Leverage Coupa workflow to address exception handling

All line-level detail imported into Coupa for spend analysis

Increase in early-pay discounts

Decrease in late-payment penalties

99.5% accuracy for critical fields and 98.5% for non-critical fields