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KPMG’s procurement advisory group has helped procurement organizations around the world transform to keep pace as value-add business partners. We support them through every step along the journey – creating their vision, developing their strategy, executing their plan, and making it stick. Key activities include:

  • Define procurement strategy and design the process to be enabled
  • Develop the various operating model components: service delivery model, people, functional process, supporting technology, data and reporting, governance and controls
  • Utilize our robust suite of accelerators to efficiently deploy the application
  • Undertake robust change and communications management to drive adoption
  • Transition and knowledge transfer to internal teams effectively to manage the application long-term

Our approach addresses the full range of underpinnings that enable procurement to strategically support the enterprise’s growth and competitive objectives:

  • Design strategy and implement a robust operating model
  • Drive greater spend under management
  • Deploy robust governance model to manage compliance and adoption
  • Improve collaboration with and management of suppliers
  • Drive electronic invoicing to optimize operations
  • Enable detailed catalog and web form content to further simplify the shopping experience
  • Leverage the right technology for speed and effectiveness.

Whether employed for full-scale transformation or targeted improvements, KPMG’s procurement advisory group will help you drive meaningful benefits across your enterprise.


When implementing Coupa, companies typically need to build a number of interfaces with their ERP system to extract supplier, account, and vendor information.  The integration consumes time and budget—and involves risk from new and untested connections.

KPMG helps make integrations simpler, faster, and more reliable with its CoupaLink-certified Cloud Integration Framework—complete with data mapping, error handling, and process management.  KPMG’s Cloud Integration Framework is a services accelerator that aims to reduce the time and effort required to integrate Coupa to SAP ECC, as well as streamlining the integration footprint and complexity.  As part of an implementation engagement, KPMG will update the Framework assets to align with the customer’s business and technical requirements.  Once the implementation is completed, the supporting Framework assets may be transitioned over to the customer and the customer will be responsible for supporting, maintaining, and enhancing it.

With KPMG’s pre-packaged iPaaS integration solution, you can quickly transform, validate, and integrate data into Coupa without impacting your ERP application or end users.  KPMG helps you to:

  • Reduce integration development time considerably by leveraging a library of design, development, test, and deployment assets
  • Decrease the cost of integration services versus traditional integration methods
  • Increase application reliability with tested interfaces
  • Enable robust and real time error validation and resolution to manage exceptions
  • Streamline the integration footprint and complexity
  • Gain visibility, control, and governance over the integrations

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.