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PunchOut2Go supports tens of thousands of B2B eProcurement-related integrations on behalf of suppliers needing to integrate their commerce technologies with Coupa Business Spend Management customers. Suppliers around the world are able to leverage their commerce technologies such as Magento, SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle ATG, Big Commerce, IBM Websphere and more to transact electronically with Coupa Customers. PunchOut2Go seamlessly links commerce applications to Coupa Business Spend Management software to automate the flow of requisition to sales and purchasing data, reducing integration complexities for PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, eInvoices and other B2B sales order automation documents in order to accelerate business results. Learn more at


PunchOut2Go for Suppliers is a managed service that quickly and easily integrates any Commerce or ERP system with Coupa Spend Management software. This allows B2B sellers to automate the requisition to sales and purchasing process by offering services such as PunchOut catalogs, purchase order, shipping notification (ASN), and invoice integrations to their customers using Coupa Spend Management software.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway sits between the systems, is designed to adhere to all policies and protocols and is supported 24/7/365 in order to ensure effective and reliable service. PunchOut2Go supported suppliers also receive real-time visibility into every movement between systems with the PunchOut2Go Portal, enabling analytics, testing, troubleshooting, validation, mapping and more.


Quick Implementation - Connectivity can be configured and established for testing within 1 week.

Sales Order to Invoice Automation and Real-Time Visibility - Buyers experience all the benefits of shopping on your Ecommerce Platform, but the sales order process is automated, reducing costs and improving accuracy and experience for everyone. Suppliers can monitor all activity through the Punchout2Go Portal or open a support ticket 24/7/365 for quick resolution to any concerns.

Trusted Provider - With over $200 billion transacted through tens of thousands of integrations globally, Punchout2Go is the proven leader in B2B eProcurement to commerce integrations.

"CoupaLink has opened up additional opportunities to now support by-side integrations into the Coupa storefront application."

— Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go

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