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Xoomworks is uniquely placed to revolutionise your digital procurement journey with Coupa. Our team of over 100 professionals consists of experts in Coupa and SAP technology, ex-industry procurement heads and senior procurement change consultants, supported by a multilingual European team. Together, we have implemented Coupa across 55+ clients in Europe, US & Canada, the Middle East and Africa and APAC. No one else can offer our mix of agility, experience, reach and affordability.


Developed by Xoomworks, XoomConnect accelerates and simplifies the technical integration between your Coupa system and SAP, saving you time and money through implementation and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

With XoomConnect you can accelerate the integration of Coupa with your SAP ERP by as much as 50%, much faster and less costly than having to engage a third party to provide your integration. XoomConnect comes with a blueprint SAP Coupa configuration template and uses standard SAP IDOCS and BAPIs to provide complete master data and transactional data integration in superfast time.

With the number one reason for Source to Pay project delays being integration, XoomConnect’s templated set-up significantly reduces this risk as well as cutting costs.


Since its completion Xoomworks are having XoomConnect conversations with almost all of our new SAP Coupa customers. We already have four of our customers using the solution and its capabilities. The solution supports many different integration scenarios with more than 10 different business objects supported straight out of the box.