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BitSight Security Ratings are a daily measurement of an organization’s security performance generated through externally observable data. The Ratings enable the rapid assessment of third-party risk during selection and onboarding of suppliers, and the proactive monitoring of third parties’ companies over time. BitSight’s objective, verifiable, and actionable Security Ratings transform how companies manage third and fourth party risk, benchmark security performance, and assess aggregate risk from service providers. Gartner estimates that by 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of existing and new business relationships


Founded in 2011, BitSight is the market leader and creator of cyber security ratings, with an independent, third-party validated correlation to breach. Security Ratings translate complex security risk issues into business context, using a common metric and data that is actionable for users with all levels of security acumen.

BitSight Security Ratings are a data-driven rating of security performance, on a non-intrusive SaaS platform, with quick time-to-value at very large scale. BitSight has a powerful ecosystem of over 1,200 customers and 20,000 users worldwide, reviewing and validating the data on a daily basis. BitSight not only helps in understanding security performance, but it also helps to prioritize allocation of resources towards mitigating or transferring these risks, and to communicate to all relevant stakeholders in a common manner. BitSight has over 130,000 companies being rated and monitored in our portal, and continues to add to this daily.

The Coupa Connector for BitSight allows users to generate the BitSight Security Ratings for all of your suppliers using BitSight’s API. The connector generates a CSV with the BitSight Security Rating for each Supplier.


Over 1,200 enterprise customers worldwide and across all major industries

Over 130,000 rated organizations

25,000 + Users

16,000 + Ecosystem Comments & Tags