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SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over 1.5 million companies continuously rated. SecurityScorecard Ratings offer easy-to-understand A-F ratings across ten key risk factor groups including DNS Health, IP Reputation, Application Security, Network Security, Information Leak, Hacker Chatter, Endpoint Security, and Patching Cadence. SecurityScorecard evaluates an organization’s cybersecurity posture using data-driven, objective, and continuously updated metrics. Ratings provide visibility into any organization’s information security program outcomes as well as potential vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

Founded in 2013 by security and risk experts Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, SecurityScorecard’s patented rating technology is used by over 1,000 organizations for enterprise cyber risk management, third-party risk management, board reporting and cyber insurance underwriting—making all organizations more resilient by allowing them to easily find and fix cybersecurity risks across their externally facing digital footprint.


SecurityScorecard’s Panel App for Coupa helps procurement teams speed up vendor onboarding, streamline visibility into vendor risk, and decrease risk exposure. Embedding SecurityScorecard Ratings into Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to make smarter spending decisions and prioritize vendor security assessment.


The integration makes SecurityScorecard’s data available in the Coupa BSM Platform, enabling users to easily understand and measure the cybersecurity posture of any organization. Procurement professionals can:

  • Assess Vendor Cybersecurity Posture: View the overall grade, the 10 factor grades of data that comprise a vendor’s SecurityScorecard Security Rating, along with findings associated with each factor
  • Evaluate a Vendor’s Historical Performance: With access to 6 months of a vendors’ score history, Coupa users can understand a company’s historical performance
  • Prioritize Vendors for Review: Use SecurityScorecard Security Ratings to determine which vendors to prioritize for deeper reviews based on their cybersecurity risk posture
  • Establish Required Minimum Scores: Determine baseline SecurityScorecard grades for vendors and then leverage continuous monitoring to ensure vendors stay on track
  • Engage Vendors: Invite vendors to join SecurityScorecard for free so that they can improve scores by acting on issue-level remediation guidance


Why are security ratings important?

  • Companies with an F SecurityScorecard rating are 7.7x more likely to incur a breach when compared to companies with an A.
  • SecurityScorecard believes that every organization has a right to their security rating and provides free access to their own Scorecard. Over 15,000 companies are actively engaged with their Scorecard and are following over 500,000 unique companies everyday.
  • Major analyst firms predict that in the next few years cybersecurity ratings will be as important as credit ratings and become a standard in boardroom conversations.
  • SecurityScorecards gives you visibility into over 80 issues and findings that stack up against 10 key risk factor groups known to expose companies to breaches for over 1.5 million companies, the largest network of any ratings provider.
  • According to a 2020 Ponemon Institute study, the average cost of a breach is $3.86 million. Security ratings provide you with instant and continuous visibility into your vendors' cyberhealth, so you can take preventative steps to avoid a breach and potential ramifications.