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There are different business functions you can perform with the Coupa Inventory module. This inventory solution area describes the bar code scanning support for the “Cycle Counting” business function. In future, we will expand this solution area to other inventory transactions like picking, receipts.

Business needs to perform cycle counts in a warehouse or stockroom on a periodic basis to maintain the accuracy of their inventory balances. Often warehouses do not have connectivity to the internet and hence there is a need to perform transactions using a hand RF scanner guns in an offline mode.

During the cycle count process, the items within a given location and/or commodity are counted and then matched with the on hand balances in Coupa. In case of any discrepancy, Coupa automatically directs the cycle count for approval based on the approval groups configured in the system.


Coupa has a CSV loader to upload the count quantities for the items in a cycle count.Once the cycle count is initiated in Coupa, the counter/warehouse operator can download the csv for the items to be counted using the ‘Export’ feature on the Coupa UI. That solution that runs on the handheld RF scanner gun should have the ability to consume this CSV file.

Once the CSV files are uploaded to the RF scanner gun, the warehouse operator can then walk into the warehouse and scan the items to be counted. Before beginning the cycle count activity, the solution should allow the operator to select the CSV file to begin counting against. Once the file is selected, the software should allow the user to either select an item or a location (Aisle, Bin, Level). The software should narrow down the items/locations that are applicable to the selected file. For each selected item, the solution should allow the operator to enter the count quantity for the item. If dual UOM support is enabled, the operator should be allowed to enter the count quantity in both the Order and Consumption UOM of the item. If dual UOM support is not enabled, then the quantity has to be entered in the Consumption UOM only. The solution should validate that the entered quantity is either zero or a positive number. After the cycle counting is completed, the solution should provide the ability to transfer the csv file on the warehouse operator’s desktop so that it can then be uploaded into Coupa.





For complete instructions on how to build this solution, please download the Inventory Solution Guide.



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