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Intellinum specializes in enterprise mobility solutions in the area of supply chain execution. Our inventory mobility solutions help business improve warehouse efficiency and inventory control by allowing them to perform inventory transactions on the handheld RF devices.


Intellinum Flexi Coupa

Intellinum Flexi Coupa is a suite of mobile logistics applications that integrate with Coupa Cloud. It provides end users with an intuitive, productive, barcode-enabled and personalizable user interface running on mobile devices with Windows CE/Mobile, Android, and iOS operating system. The transactions that are performed on the mobile device will be interfaced real time to Coupa Cloud to increase inventory visibility and accuracy.

Coupa Inventory supports inventory transactions on RF mobile devices along with barcode scanning support. This feature is enabled through the Flexi application. Barcode scanning helps to expedite transactions and reduce data entry errors, saving time and increasing efficiency in a high volume environment.

Flexi Coupa supports the following inventory transactions:

  • Receipts
  • Inventory Consumption
  • Transfers
  • Adjustment
  • Cycle Count (in offline mode)

The real time nature of these transactions increases inventory visibility, speed and accuracy and reduces paperwork. Intellinum Flexi Coupa also supports all character-based RF screens available in Coupa. Intellinum Flexi Coupa runs on Flexi mobile platform which can be deployed on cloud.

Please download the Intellinum Flexi Coupa User Guide for details on installation, configuration, and use cases.

Please contact [email protected] on pricing or other questions related to Intellinum Flexi Coupa.