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Actian Business Xchange is a fully-managed B2B integration service that enables trading partners to exchange electronic procurement and supply chain documents regardless of format or enterprise system. Business Xchange can take any electronic document from its source system, validate for accuracy, convert to its target’s format and deliver. Business Xchange helps trading partners reduce costs, inefficiencies and friction in their electronic trading relationships. Learn more.


Quickly & easily convert supplier invoices to Coupa’s format!

Supplier electronic invoicing platform: The Actian - Coupa Connector converts supplier invoices in any format (PIDX XML, EDI, CSV) into Coupa’s Invoice format and delivers to the Coupa API. Powered by Actian Business Xchange, the Actian – Coupa Connector’s bidirectional integration technology onboards the supplier to the Coupa platform, validates supplier invoice data for accuracy, converts the suppliers invoice from their native format into Coupa’s format, and delivers to Coupa’s API.

The Actian – Coupa Connector offers three options for supplier invoice conversion:

  1. PIDX – XML (Oil & Gas specific data standard)
  2. EDI
  3. CSV

The Actian – Coupa Connector is a great solution for Buyers to rapidly onboard suppliers on to the Coupa platform, ensure that their supplier invoices are Coupa compliant and help maximize their investment in Coupa. Furthermore, it saves suppliers time and labor by eliminating double invoice entry. By validating their invoices against their customer’s business rules and guidelines before submission, suppliers can also reduce invoice disputes, get paid more quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Metrics

  • Reduce supplier onboarding time by 80%
  • 50% reduction in invoice processing costs
  • 2 week average deploy time
  • Connect and onboard any supplier regardless of integration capabilities