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A middleware system is a key component of any integration solution. It allows you to connect different end systems, perform data transformations, and apply business logic. As a middleware provider, you can easily integrate to any business object in Coupa using Coupa’s open integration platform.

An integrated connectivity model to Coupa enables your customers to jump-start their integration initiatives. Using your middleware solution, your customer’s IT team can focus on automating complex business scenarios rather than connecting to Coupa and mapping data fields. It enables them to build monitoring, error, and re-try mechanisms with ease, thus providing a valuable and timesaving solution.

Here are some of the common business scenarios your middleware solution should account for:


Procure To Pay

Procure To Pay


Procure To Order

Procure To Order





Coupa has two main ways of integrating with other systems. The platform can either use flat file integration to send and receive data, or it can use Coupa REST API. Your middleware must be able to use one or both of these methods. As you design your middleware solution, keep the following requirements in mind.

All middleware solutions must support:

  • Error Handling
  • Monitoring capabilities.
  • Ability to “re-try” an execution.

Middleware solutions using Coupa flat file integrations must be able to:

  • Parse CSV files by column name and not position.
  • Delete files going from Coupa to customer from the Coupa SFTP server.
  • Create flat file CSVs with the following functionalities:
    • When configuring column names in CSVs, the column names must be configurable instead of hard-coded.
    • All fields are always text qualified (enclosed) with the double quote character: "
  • Allow new line characters within qualified field values.
  • Process CSV files with the following functionalities:
    • Double quote characters within a field can be escaped by another double quote character. If a user enters: Status is "Green" in a comment field, this would be represented as "Status is ""Green"""
    • Carriage returns and other special characters in text fields.
    • Unlimited text lengths.
    • Truncating long text values to target system length.

Middleware solutions using Coupa REST API must:

  • Not use strict XSD validation.
  • Support escaping/unescaping special XML characters.
  • Support paging in case the GET call exceeds 50 records.


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For complete instructions on how to build this solution, please download the Middleware Certification Guide.



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