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ApexConnect is part of a 27-year-old company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana with customers in more than 50 countries. Combined, the organization is stable, mature, and disciplined, managing more than $30 billion in spend management annually with flagship partners and customers crossing the public and private sectors. ApexConnect is independently run and self-sustainable with healthy, satisfied, and referenceable customers.

ApexConnect’s cloud-based Core Connector Platform™ leverages the latest in business process automation to connect enterprise systems. Connect the exchange of critical data from expense, purchase order, invoice, human capital management, document management and payment processes with a prescribed solution with customized configurations specific to your unique business needs.


When you need to automate across your finance, procurement, and human capital enterprise, Coupa customers can count on ApexConnect to connect data flows and business processes using libraries of proven connectors with ApexConnect Platform for Coupa.

Connect and Transform Your Business

  • Save time + money – Seamless integration between systems means more efficiency
  • Made just for you – Each integration is customized by our team to meet your business needs
  • Independence from large IT footprints – Our cloud-based platform means no software to install, update or maintain and business owner driven deployments

ApexConnect’s team of experts will work with you to understand your unique business needs, providing the ideal mix of people, process, and technology to drive value while automating your business processes. With decades of experience in accounting, human resources, enterprise technology, process improvement and systems integration, to ensure your solution meets all your business needs.

Coupa customers can rely on proven results to automate business processes and connect much needed data to fully leverage all the capabilities in Coupa and other enterprise systems.

Powerful Platform and Portal

Specializing in spend management, ApexConnect has built not only the tech solution but the vertical expertise to connect your business. Wired across multiple platforms, the ApexConnect Platform is powerful – leveraging pre-built connectivity to Coupa and many other systems.

No customer or environments are the same and that is why ApexConnect has built a platform to accommodate:

  • Simple to complex processing, algorithms, sequences, business rules and logic references and lookups, “N” number of various outputs, unlimited rules etc.
  • Scale across the platform, for an individual customer at a single point in time or single customer with a one-time need use through simple configuration
  • Data, document, and image throughput for customers
  • Hundreds of providers and endpoints, sources, or destinations for configuration to customer’s needs in shortening time to value.

All for configuration to customer’s unique business needs while shortening time to value.

The ApexConnect Portal puts the power into your hands to interact with your integrations

  • Viewing scheduled & executing on-demand integrations
  • Error notification – online and emailed
  • Ability to edit data and rerun integrations

All with visibility of performance and history of your data and their connections.

And never fail, don’t forget about your organization’s extension in ApexConnect for any questions or your first line of defense when an issue does arise.

Visit ApexConnect to learn more.


Pre-integration to Coupa includes a long list of ERP’s that includes SAP ECC6, SAP S4Hana, Oracle Netsuite and EBS, Workday, Salesforce’s FinancialForce, Infor Visual, Dynamics and over 40 other systems and ERP’s. In addition, ApexConnect also brings pre-integration to Human Capital for Hires, Leave, Terminations as well as reimbursements for the expense management solution of Coupa.

There is a long list of integrations so please connect with the ApexConnect team to inquire how ApexConnect would work with your specific scenario.


Customer Profile

  • Spend management for 187 enterprise clients
  • 1,045 connections of data flowing from point to point for customers across 3 continents

Time to value across all projects in past 3 years

  • From contract signing to live in production – 3.92 Months
  • From project start to live in production – 2.73 Months

Sample value of a Spend Management Process Automation for results for a customer processing 5500 invoices a month and integrating with SAP ECC 6

  • AP department handling invoices – 50% reduction in resources handling invoices
  • 4,200 monthly Purchase Orders – 80% reduction in human entry of invoices
  • AP department handling invoices – 50% reduction in resources handling invoices
  • 1,300 monthly Non-PO’s – 90% reduction resulting in headcount
  • 3-way match goes straight through the integration to payment queue and it hits the payment run based on terms – with no human intervention
  • Average cycle time to process invoices (vendor invoice date to entry in ERP for payment) – reduction from 30 days to 15 days
  • Results allow for a focus on the supplier management