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Informatica Cloud is an on-demand subscription service that provides data integration in the cloud. Informatica Cloud includes direct connectivity to cloud applications, on-premise applications, and databases. Informatica Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud based batch and real-time integration platform that combines application and data integration and features pre-built connectors to cloud, on premise, mobile, and social data sources.

Informatica Cloud Connectors provide data integration for cloud and on-premise applications that are not supported natively by Informatica Cloud. These connectors are designed to address common use cases such as moving and retrieving data to and from the cloud for each of your applications.


Informatica Cloud Coupa Connector can be used to connect to Coupa from Informatica Cloud. Coupa Connector can be used to read data from Coupa and integrate data with other applications (e.g. SAP, Salesforce), databases, and flat files. Data from other applications can also be read, transformed and written to Coupa. Coupa objects can be used as sources and targets in Data Synchronization tasks, mappings, and Mapping Configuration tasks. Coupa Connector can be used to read records from or write records to custom objects in Coupa.

Deployment time for Informatica Cloud is days but activation of a new connector(in this case Coupa V2 connector) for a customer is almost instantaneous. Customer needs to provide Org Id and operations team can activate it.


Number of Coupa customers:

Number of transactions per day:
6000 (including both Coupa Older connector and Coupa V2)

Number of objects/apis supported by Coupa V2: