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Finario is the first enterprise capital planning software solution designed expressly for capital allocation and management. Finario’s cloud-based solution unifies capital budgeting and project forecasting with approval workflow to deliver financial reporting automation across the investment life cycle. Ensure capital reporting accuracy, generate valuable project and portfolio insights and accelerate decision making.


By integrating your Coupa implementation with Finario Capex procurement software you can elevate your ability to manage capital investments with even finer attention to detail and better control over costs.

  • Capital plans and sourcing execution are linked dynamically
  • Supplier processes become shorter and more consistent
  • Costs are better managed
  • Your data is always up to date showing real-time capital availability and accurate reporting

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  • Project-driven – with investments at the core of its architecture, Finario goes deeper and wider into Capex than any EPM or BPM solution; covers every phase from initial idea inception to post-completion review
  • Full-cycle ROI – modeling is straightforward and standardized; the resultant metrics are woven into the decision support for Capex from start to finish
  • Stack ranking – use flexible portfolio planning to make better allocation decisions and optimize capital allocation
  • Rules-based Capex workflow – automatically updates even the most complex Capex approval routings for all changes to rules or personnel, even for already submitted requests – making manual intervention and workarounds a thing of the past
  • Real-time capital availability – always know exactly what has been committed and where things stand to make the best possible decisions with the cash flow remaining
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERPs, G/Ls and other enterprise systems
  • SOC-2 Certified for best-in-class security


  • Deployed at many of the world’s leading companies across 18 industries
  • Users in 68 countries
  • 100% customer implementation success