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Per Angusta is a cloud-based solution for Procurement Performance Management. Our solution provides increased visibility into the strategic sourcing process, enabling better collaboration and transparency. Per Angusta truly uplevels the value of procurement teams by tracking savings, bridging the gap between purchasing and finance, and aligning stakeholder goals and progress. Representing businesses of all sizes in the public and private sectors, Per Angusta enables procurement teams to be more agile and productive. Enhanced visibility into team performance and improved reporting lets teams focus on the strategic side of procurement, creating value and innovation for their stakeholders. Combining flexibility and an intuitive user experience with immediate and significant ROI, Per Angusta is the optimal procurement ecosystem.


Teams can easily build a sourcing pipeline in Per Angusta. Simply set an agreed savings target with finance and teams are ready to start working with projects. In one click, organizations start sourcing events in Coupa and report their savings in Per Angusta, simply and efficiently.

Per Angusta integrates seamlessly with Coupa which allows you to start a sourcing event in Coupa from a project in Per Angusta’s pipeline. Relevant information from each system displays in the other supplier records, making it easy to access all of the knowledge about a supplier, wherever you are.

The integration enables effortless sourcing, project management, performance tracking, and access to supplier information in one comprehensive solution.

Project Pipeline
  • Per Angusta is a turn-key solution that integrates easily with other environments and does not require a multi-year agreement.
  • The Per Angusta platform allows you to integrate all of your favorite third-party tools in one solution, enabling a best-of-breed, single-suite approach.
  • Our solution is intuitive and generally does not require training or onboarding.
  • Per Angusta is a true SaaS platform, requiring no intervention from your IT team.
  • Our platform is consistently upgraded without any versioning.
Team Planning Dashboard

Learn more about the Per Angusta platform.


  • View Coupa supplier information in Per Angusta projects and savings data in Coupa, with direct links to switch back and forth between the solutions.
  • All communication goes securely through the Per Angusta and Coupa APIs.


Per Angusta has more than 11,000 users across 100+ countries.

Our platform has 30+ connectors to leading procurement data and solution providers.

Our solution is typically deployed in a matter of days, providing immediate return.