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UpKeep is the #1 CMMS Software for Maintenance & Facilities. UpKeep was founded in 2014 by our CEO, Ryan Chan. The CMMS he used while working as a process development engineer in a manufacturing plant was too complicated, so he learned how to code and created the first version of UpKeep.

Today, UpKeep is a team of 100+ people from around the world who are dedicated to making maintenance software easier to use and adopt.

At UpKeep, we fundamentally believe that desktop based maintenance software is broken; technicians and facility managers spend over 90% of their day NOT sitting at a desk.

UpKeep was designed to make a maintenance team's life easier through an innovative and mobile-first solution. We have created the best product in the market for managers to communicate with technicians in the field and for technicians to respond to urgent issues without having to shuffle through paperwork or return to the office. We make completing work orders easy, intuitive, and mobile-first so everyone can contribute and stay on the same page.

We've made sure that our CMMS is a modern, intuitive, and efficient maintenance management system that is proven to simplify the workflow process.

UpKeep provides a mobile software alternative to paper filing, spreadsheets, and outdated work order management systems that makes maintenance management easier. Our mobile-first approach makes technicians more agile and maintenance teams more productive.


After receiving feedback from our users, we learned that integrating our purchase orders with the order process of Coupa would provide our users strong benefit.

With UpKeep and Coupa integrated, our users will be able to gather the requests from their maintenance teams for parts and supplies, approve it, purchase from their suppliers and notify the maintenance team once it’s been received without the need to track and update across two different applications.

The UpKeep-Coupa Integrations aims to alleviate the need for our users to duplicate a Purchase Order (PO) from UpKeep to Coupa and prevent the need to track and two identical POs on two separate applications. The UpKeep-Coupa Integration transfers approved Purchase Orders out of UpKeep into Coupa. Once an Admin Approves an UpKeep Purchase Order, the Integration creates a Draft Requisition in Coupa and tracks it as it goes through the Coupa approval process and becomes a Purchase Order. When Coupa ‘Receives’ the

Purchase Order items, the Integration updates the corresponding Purchase Order in UpKeep to ‘Fulfilled’ and increases the UpKeep inventory accordingly.

UpKeep Admin users on an UpKeep account that is subscribed to the Business Plus plan or the Enterprise plan can set up and use the UpKeep-Coupa Integration. Only UpKeep users on the web (desktop) application can access this Integration. Users of the UpKeep-Coupa Integration must also have an active Coupa account.