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Established in 2000, ProProcure is a leading SaaS business helping Enterprises extend the capabilities of their eProcurement investments through buyer and supplier collaboration. Our online quote building tool, G-Quotes, compliments any P2P solution by enabling businesses to catalogue more complex and often untouched areas of spend. Our tool bridges the gap between the eCommerce needs of suppliers and the Enterprise’s requirements to extend and increase the levels of purchasing-automation within their organisation.

G-Quotes enables Enterprises to automate the purchasing of services and other complex categories including manufacturing related purchases, maintenance and repairs, software development, digital marketing, print and media, marketing events (and more!).

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G-Quotes Integration

G-Quotes is an intuitive online quote-building tool for suppliers. It enables them to build, manage and send quotations - for any type of Service or Item - directly to Coupa. Buyers can review the supplier quotation and then accept or decline with an option to change each line item’s classification to specify between a Service or an Item. Once a quote is accepted in G-Quotes, a detailed draft requisition is automatically created in Coupa with each line item created in its respective class.

Not only does G-Quotes enable Enterprises to lock-down agreed rate cards to ensure contract compliance, but it also provides the flexibility needed for suppliers to create detailed quotations where there are extra line item costs that cannot be predetermined in a catalogue. G-Quotes significantly reduces the amount of administration required to create Purchase Orders and ensures purchasing data is detailed and accurate.

With a certified connection to the Coupa requisition API, G-Quotes can be deployed immediately and is low-cost and commitment-free for all parties.




G-Quotes Iframe App

Take your Coupa experience to the next level by connecting with G-Quotes and automating the purchasing of all your services (and other complex categories!). Find out about a free trial here.



G-Quotes is suitable for a wide range of services categories, including MRP, maintenance and repairs, software development, digital marketing, print and media, marketing events, and renewable energy.

G-Quotes improves the time it takes for a supplier to receive a PO from issuing a quote by 80%, for example, suppliers who typically wait a week for a PO now receive them on the same day as sending the quotation.

G-Quotes is a light subscription application that can be deployed within 1 day.


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