National Buying Consortium for PPE Needs

To All Governors and Teams Responsible for Purchasing:

State governments across the U.S. are in immediate need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to respond to the impact of COVID-19. On Saturday, March 28, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called for a Nationwide Buying Consortium to manage the supply of PPE and pricing fluctuations associated with the shortage.

Procurement and supply chain leader Coupa [NASDAQ: COUP] processes nearly $1.7 trillion of cumulative business spend for some of the biggest hospitals and companies in the world, has built a Nationwide Buying Consortium with 20+ suppliers standing by to provide states with the necessary PPE. There is no cost or licensing fee associated with participation in the consortium. It’s a not-for-profit program that will provide states with the following immediate benefits:

  1. Access to suppliers with PPE supplies and certainty of PPE item availability;
  2. Visibility into pricing and better price stabilization through aggregated spending;
  3. Better organized distribution of supplies to areas in need across individual state and the United States; and
  4. Immediate time-to-value as the supplier community is active and has already been mobilized for other businesses responding to COVID-19.

In the last few weeks, Coupa has reached out to hundreds of suppliers and has over 40 customers participating in its nationwide consortium so far. As a result of these efforts, millions of PPE items, including masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and other PPE supplies, have been identified.

Coupa urges state governments to join this consortium immediately. It only takes a few hours to be fully onboarded at no cost to you.

Please respond to me or [email protected] to hear more about the program and getting involved. Together, we can have an immediate impact and get these critical supplies in the hands of those in need.

Steve Winter
Coupa Software

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