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Aggregate Industries Streamlines Procurement With Coupa Invoicing

As a very diverse, complex business Aggregate leveraged Coupa's intuitive UX to quickly integrate with suppliers, going live in just 12 weeks and optimizing their overall invoicing and procurement processes.

Company Overview
Aggregate Industries is involved in the manufacturing and supply of construction materials including aggregates, asphalt, cement and ready-mixed concrete.
Bardon Hill, United Kingdom

Value as a Service


Reduction in Maverick Purchasing


Growth in Invoice Matching Rates


Improvement in Process Time


ERP system did not have required functionality or structure for procurement excellence.

Old system made it difficult to purchase from national contracts and preferred sources with compliance.


60,000 purchase orders a year going through the system.

7,000 POs driven through catalogues.

Able to fast-track Coupa into supply chain because the supplies integrate with no commercial impact.

Visibility and ease-of-use broke down barriers to adoption for suppliers with instant visual of increased business volume.

"Would we go back to the old systems? Absolutely not. Our way forward now is with Coupa."

Gerard Cantwell, Former European Procurement Director