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Air Mobility Command Credits Coupa Algorithm For Forecast Accuracy

Air Mobility Command formerly depended on heavily manual processes to forecast demand for aircraft, but within two weeks of implementing Coupa Demand Modeling, their demand forecasts became much more accurate and dependable for making decisions as far out as a year in the future.

Company Overview
USAF Air Mobility Command is responsible for the daily movement of military equipment and personnel around the world.
Scott Air Force Base, IL

Value as a Service

2 Weeks

To More Accurate Demand Forecasting


Value in Terms of Timing, Satisfaction, and Comfort of Troops Affected


Number of More Accurate Forecasts Coupa Helps Make


Were using manual, inefficient forecasting methods.

Forecasting demand for aircraft was less and less accurate and couldn’t adapt quickly enough.

Difficulty making decisions regarding cargo demand needs.

Loss of time and resources due to ineffective projections.

Incorrect forecasts led to numerous delays, shortages, and ensuing frustration of personnel.


Implemented Coupa Supply Chain Demand & Planning

Immediately analyzed a decade's worth of data (demand, deployment, and global military movement)

Coupa algorithm (powered by LLamasoft) identified demand drivers in order to predict future demand more accurately


Boosted accuracy dramatically within two weeks of implementation.

Much better understanding of the factors that influence demand.

Rapid, data-driven scenario analysis provides answers in minutes.

Allows agile decision-making at a moment's notice to meet long-term demand.

"Now we get ahead of demand patterns and get answers to our leadership before they make their decisions."

Donald Anderson, Assistant Director of Analysis