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Air Mobility Command Credits Coupa Algorithm For Forecast Accuracy

Air Mobility Command standard forecasts predicting how many carriers were available up to a year in advance weren't working, but Coupa Demand Modeling produced more accurate forecasts within 2 weeks.
Company Overview
USAF Air Mobility Command is responsible for the daily movement of military equipment and personnel around the world.
Scott Air Force Base, IL

Value as a Service


Weeks to More Accurate Forecasting


Timing, Satisfaction, and Comfort of Troops Affected


Forecasting techniques were manual, making it difficult to project cargo demand needs.

Data was lacking to drive decision making.


Coupa Supply Chain Demand & Planning


Demand accuracy has dramatically increased due to better understanding of factors driving demand.

More accurate forecasts were made within two weeks of setting up the system.

Rapid scenario analysis provides answers in minutes.

Allows agile decision making at a moment's notice.

"Now we get ahead of demand patterns and get answers to our leadership before they make their decisions."

Donald Anderson, Assistant Director of Analysis