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ALH Takes Advantage of Size By Leveraging Coupa to Optimize Spend

ALH Group streamlined and updated their procurement system with Coupa to gain the benefits of bulk buying and tightening control within their large, disparate organization.

Company Overview
ALH is a leading player in hospitality, in gaming and wagering, bars, eateries, retail liquor, hotels, and nightclubs.
Urangan, Queensland, Australia

Value as a Service


Catalog Implementation in System


Suppliers Consolidated to 100


Manufacturers Consolidated to 75


A disjointed procurement system operating on many platforms was problematic.

Spend was scattered over too many suppliers to take advantage of bulk buys.

Scaled purchasing was a priority in a large diverse operation.


The system is now simple, using technology to create reports, prepare dashboards, and view spend.

Now centers can manage the mission instead of time-consuming invoices.

Spend has more visibility for analyzing business and vendor performance.

"Buying power is enormously powerful for us. It sets us apart. With Coupa we achieved 100% contract spend."

Trevor Smith, National Food Manager