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Aon uses Coupa Pay to ensure a one-stop shop for end users and supplies

With Coupa Pay, Aon turned manual workflows into simplified spend processes. Aon gained spend visibility while ensuring their clients, suppliers, and end-users had an easy-to-use, central platform.
Company Overview
Aon is a multinational financial services firm that sells a range of risk-mitigation products.
London, United Kingdom


Staying on the cutting edge of technology

Providing solutions that are easy to use for clients

Being slowed down by manual, paper-based workflows


Using Coupa Pay to set up one place to go for all procurement needs for end users


An easily scalable model that expanded to various countries during the COVID19 pandemic

A variety of easy-to-use digital solutions for customers

Ability to make better decisions because of visibility into spend

“Coupa as a tool provides a lot of power to us because it has visibility. Once you have visibility, you have the ability to make a better decision. And I think in the end the power of spend is being able to make better business decisions.”

Deane Horn, Director of Operations - Procure to Pay and Global Spend Management, Aon