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Ausdrill Mines Coupa Solutions to Unify Disparate BSM Systems

Ausdrill had acquired around 18 different companies. That meant 18 disjointed BSM systems creating inconsistencies. They needed a Business Spend Management system to unify and introduce efficiencies and struck gold with Coupa.
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Company Overview
"Ausdrill is a global mining services company, providing services for full mining lifecycle primarily in Africa and Australia. "
Canning Vale, WA, Australia

Value as a Service


Reduced Cost Per Order

$1.8M AUS

in Process Savings


Minute to Raise New Req, Down from 10 Mins



Disjointed BSM systems and inconsistencies across the business, countries, and continents.

Needed more spend control and transparency on approval levels.

Wanted to make it easy for users and suppliers to be able to transact in the system.




Coupa Procurement

Coupa Invoicing

Coupa Analytics

Coupa Contracts




Faster requisitioning, quicker turnaround times, better data flow to the field, and overall better procurement experience.

Hundreds of hours of lost productivity given back to the businesses through reduced times to procure goods.

Prior to Coupa it took 10 minutes to raise a req, now it takes less than a minute.


"It used to take 10 minutes for the guys onsite to raise a requisition. Now it takes them less than a minute."

Ashley Carey, Former Group Contracts and Procurement Manager