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Avalon Gains Clear View of Finances; Saves Millions

As an expanding business with paper-based procurement and financing, Avalon leveraged Coupa to achieve visibility, savings, and organization to better serve their clients.

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Company Overview
Avalon provides compassionate comprehensive senior health care services in a patient centered environment.
Salt Lake City, UT

Value as a Service


Savings in 24 Months


Compliance Rate with Vendors


Unnecessary Spend Rejected


Divesting two buildings and adding ten added growth to an unorganized system.

Lack of visibility contributed to overspending.

Siloed data made analyzing spend murky and inefficient.



Gained complete visibility with "single pane of glass" view of all spend in real-time.

Spend can be aggregated by commodity.

System flexibility allows easy scalability.


"It’s a comprehensive single pane of glass for the company that provides immeasurable value in decision-making."

Hyrum Kirton, Former Vice President of Procurement