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Bass Pro Shops Realizes Acquisition Synergies With Coupa BSM

Bass Pro Shops turns to Coupa for a comprehensive BSM to maximize buying power and control spend following a major acquisition, realizing all of its synergy goals.
Company Overview
Bass Pro Shops is the premier US and Canada outdoor and sporting good retailer with a focus on nature conservation.
Springfield, MO

Value as a Service


Visibility across Billions in Spend


Goals Reached for Acquisition Synergy


Needed spend visibility to maximize buying power.

Buyers lacked control to push spend into negotiated contracts.

Acquisition of Cabela's necessitated visibility to consolidate indirect spend.


Analysis provided classification needed to meet aggressive procurement goals.

Rolling out the full BSM is enabling procurement control for buyers and managers.

Visibility led to meeting acquisition synergy goals immediately.

"We exceeded synergy targets following our acquisition using Coupa to understand and classify 100% of combined spend."

David Elford, Director of Non-Merchandise Procurement