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Biopharma Company Scales Up with Automated AP

Theravance wants its scientists focused in the lab on science, not procuring lab supplies. So they sought a one-stop-shop platform for purchase orders and invoices with AP automation. Coupa delivered, saving them $3.1M in 6 months with 100% compliance.
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Company Overview
Theravance Biopharma develops and commercializes specific medical therapies as it expands globally.
USA and Ireland

Value as a Service


Faster Invoice and Approval Lifecycle


Employee Time Saved with Automation


Compliance with Real-Time Reporting



Paper-based, time-intensive processes for AP and invoicing couldn’t scale for the growing organization.

Sunshine Act demands rigorous compliance and spend reporting from biopharma companies.

Solution could not add to IT team’s already-hefty load.




Coupa Procurement

Coupa Contracts

Coupa Invoicing




Users can now focus on strategic tasks instead of tedious procurement procedures.

Can now quickly prepare reports for audits and comply with the Sunshine Act, SOX, and other regulations.

Helped reduce invoice approval lifecycle by 73%.


"Coupa definitely makes our lives easier in IT. When you add Coupa as an application, your IT tickets go down."

Shannon Rold, Former Sr. Systems Analyst