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Coupa Helps Biotech Startup Grow Purchasing, Not Head Count

As a young Biotech company, Cellerant prides itself on in-house innovation. But its internally developed procurement system was hampering efficiency and visibility for procurement. They needed quick cure and got one with Coupa.
Company Overview
Cellerant is a biotech company developing human stem cell and antibody therapies for oncology and blood-related disorders.
San Carlos, CA

Sesame Street Spendsetters story on the idea of processing speed and power.

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Value as a Service


Amount of Transactions without Adding Head Count


  • Previous web-based procurement software was difficult to scale, upgrade and maintain.
  • Biggest limiting factor was lack of visibility in the approval process.


  • Coupa Procurement
  • Coupa Invoicing
  • Coupa Analytics


  • Turnkey SaaS model was more efficent than internally developed platform.
  • Visibility and metrics allow greater insight.
  • UI Ease-of-use drove effortless adoption.

"Coupa provides the easiest interface you can possibly imagine. Just go on like you're shopping for anything and away you go. It’s a snap."

Sean Givens, VP Government of Operations and Controller