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Euro IT Provider Achieves Compliance Across Countries and Currencies

With offices in 30 countries, NEC Europe's procurement lacked the visibility to translate complex spend in multiple currencies for easy insights. With global compliance being critical, they needed help to make better, faster decisions.

Company Overview
NEC Europe develops and provides innovative IT products and services to governments, companies, and people.
London, UK

Value as a Service


Saved in 12 Months


Faster Requisition Approvals (in Only 6 Months!)


Savings Per Month Managed via Coupa BSM Platform


With offices in 30 countries, global compliance was critical.

Company leaders, especially in Procurement, didn’t have spend visibility across the company.

With over 1,000 employees and growing, they needed the ability to make better, faster decisions.


They needed total compliance for multiple currencies and tax codes.

They achieved €2M in savings, which elevated the procurement team to a strategic, “Front Office” status.

They trained 110+ users in 4 months.

They were able to visualize expenditure in just weeks.

"Our ability to transform rapidly has increased significantly using Coupa."

Mike van Gerven, Chief Procurement Officer